Tinker Presents our Quarterly Artist: Renee DeCarlo Johnson


Tinker welcomes San Francisco artist, friend, and mom of two, Renee, to show case her art in our very own Tinker Lab. Her “Pop-Up Presentation” will be held on February 3-4. Please visit to see her and the Tinker students’ latest creations.


Renee is an abstract painter and process based artist. She decided to become an artist in high school and went on to achieve her BFA and MFA in sculpture. Renee loves to discover and explore new materials and processes, bringing her discoveries together, to form new relationships between material and process. She loves to find new processes and push the materials she works with to new places.


Over the coming weeks, Renee will be working with the students at
Tinker doing process-based projects with paint, texture, and color. In
her own work, Renee layers many different processes together to
create an aesthetic that reflects on patterns in nature as well as
patterns in our own personal lives.

Renee's focus is based not so much on the finished product, but the journey getting there and she tries to demonstrate the balance of order and chaos in everything she makes.

Renee created the mural in the upstairs entryway to the Tinker Lab, as well as the series of panels in the Lab's downstairs space.
In addition to painting, Renee also creates textiles for the home and
body, and most recently is working on a series of custom skateboards and shoes. Stop by the “pop-up” and meet Renee and see the work the children will be creating with her!